When I first met Nicole and Dave, it was during one of my first classes at my new Crossfit Gym. They were wearing the typical clothing you’d see someone in the gym wearing, they were also sweaty, and moving heavy barbells like they were nothing. In that moment, I hadn’t the slightest clue that months later, they would be celebrating their engagement in front of my camera dressed so nicely with zero sweat. These two are a motivation for me to always keep pushing myself, to grow everyday. 

It was nearing the “end of winter” here in Wisconsin on this day, which meant of course, the weather was still terrible. We decided to wear short sleeves, a long flowy dress, and go barefoot inside the warm tropics and desert of the Milwaukee Domes. It was SUCH a fun place to photograph, and Nicole and Dave were so relaxed and comfortable with each other. Watching the way they love each other has been a pleasure….stay tuned for their Waukesha Rotunda Wedding!