I’ve spent so many hours, weeks, and days at Lapham Peak. It’s my absolute favorite place to trudge around with 40 pounds in my backpack training for upcoming trips, or sprint up and down all the hills carved out by glaciers long ago. When Alex and Malachi trusted me to find the perfect spot for their engagement photos, I instantly thought of Lapham Peak. There’s such a variety of scenery here – from prairies, to wooded trails, to little stone buildings, and a big ol’ observation tower. When I found out that Alex and Malachi were engaged at Lapham Peak, I was even more excited to photograph their engagement session here.

Alex and Malachi are by far the youngest couple I’ve photographed – Malachi had a way of making Alex giggle…all. the. time. Lucky for me, she has the absolute cutest giggle face. They had a way of just being so into each other – I think they may have forgotten I was there multiple times throughout the shoot! (that’s a good thing, guys –  I want all my couples to have “date night vibes” rather than “camera in your face” vibes. We certainly achieved that with these two, and I am SO looking forward to their wedding!

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