Milwaukee WI

I absolutely love shooting in Walker’s Point. Every time I go, I find something new. If you’re looking for an industrial-esque location with city vibes, Walker’s Point in Milwaukee is the place to go. Pinks, yellows, blues, old crumbly brick, graffiti, alleys, railroad tracks….there’s a lot there.

I was so stoked for this session with Tommy and Kilah. I loved shooting with them amongst older style buildings in Milwaukee…buildings in Milwaukee are the reason these two met. They are both concrete finishers in Milwaukee, and play a HUGE part in every building/road that’s built in our city. Yes – it’s absolutely bad ass. Tommy spotted Kilah on a job site they were on together years ago…it’s honestly hard to not notice the only girl on the job site, especially when she’s as cute as Ki and works HARD. That was the beginning of their love story, and I have thoroughly enjoyed (and feel super proud!) being a part of their lives, and watching their story together unfold.

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