Wisconsin Woodland Elopement Session | Loew Lake, WI | Ali + Dimitri

November 5, 2019

A Wisconsin woodland elopement session – those aren’t words you hear together too often. More common are places like Yosemite, Iceland, or Moab…and damn, those places are fucking beautiful for sure. But Wisconsin – you are home, and you are GORGEOUS. The expanses of the Kettle Moraine Forest, all the prairies, the lakes, the Northern Woods – Wisconsin is full of opportunity for something a bit different. One of my MANY dreams is to move my business toward the direction of elopements + smaller intimate weddings. I always need an extra creative outlet in my life, rather than just the times I’m hired to be creative. I teamed up with Ali and Emily to style this elopement. A big thank you to Spring City Wood Works for letting us borrow their BEAUTIFUL wooden bed frame bench! Make sure to check out his work by clicking on the link.

I’m a Wisconsin photographer, and I want to shoot your elopement.

Whether you want to elope on the other side of the world, or right here in Wisconsin, I’m here for it. I love the intimacy + breakaway from the norm that elopements bring. I don’t believe your elopement has to be expensive to be beautiful, and I don’t believe it has to be in an “insta-famous” location to be everything you dream it to be. Choosing a meaningful location with the person you love more than anything is what will make your wedding more perfect and memorable than anything else. I love grinding my creative brain wheels when it comes to scoping outdoor locations.

It does not have to be expensive.

For this shoot, my bride’s dress was purchased from Goodwill for less than two dollars. Spring City Wood Works let us borrow the wooden bed frame bench. All props were purchased from Goodwill for less than $75. It just takes a little vision + thoughtfulness to create something beautiful. I would love to help you plan + style an elopement of your own – that kind of shit gives me life. Whether you’re planning a Wisconsin woodland elopement session, or something on the other side of the world – let’s create that shit together.

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