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        The dude I married.

        His name is Dan. You can often find us stuffing our faces with vegan food, finding ways to prank people at the airport while waiting to catch a flight, or laughing really hard at anything that has to do with farts. He can build anything you could possibly imagine, and turns into a sweat monster at night because the dogs pile on top of him. He never let's me doubt myself for one minute, and he's my best freakin' friend.

        My dogs stink.

        I have two sidekicks ...Springsteen (my aussiedoodle) and Cole (my black lab). They have a plethora of nicknames, none of which make sense. All they want to do ever is play with me, snuggle me, and love on me hard. They are my hiking buddies...we roam around the forests in Wisconsin, swim in lakes, get muddy as hell, and they roll around in who knows what...which is why they smell horrible.

        We travel. A lot.

        We make the time to take multiple trips a year, with one of them being at least a month long in a foreign country. Whenever we're traveling, I go by the alias "Sharon Smoke." So if you're ever in a random country and meet someone by the name of Sharon Smoke, it's just me. We travel with the intent of finding culture shock, of learning new things, meeting new people...I want to realize how small everything I know is in the grand scheme of things.

        Wisconsin is home.

        I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This place is wild. We have four super distinct seasons (fall is my fav), tons of forests and trails for hiking, big ol' Lake Michigan, and thick + heavy midwestern accents. Almost everywhere I've traveled, I've had someone ask me if I'm from Wisconsin because of my accent. It's a city full of history, art, and music...I love it.

        The Roameralls

        I will most likely be wearing dijon overalls when I meet you. I have been wearing them non-stop since I got them, and have zero intentions on changing. They are comfy, lightweight, and bad ass. The end.